Training is not allowed within 30 km range during the competition otherwise, the competitor will be disqualified.

Dogs are not allowed in the Sports Center and in the park! Use stool bag!!!!

Dogs can be walked only in designated areas! Please take care of the cleanliness in the event area!

Thank You!

At the time of the competition, the field of the event (sports venue, parking indoors and outdoors, tracking field, service road, tracking field and the area between parked cars) is binding on everyone for the sport-like and ethical conduct and the FCI-related rules of the Compliance with!

Prohibited devices: electric collar, pinch collar, loop, stick!

Authorised devices: single-breasted chain collar (not choked), leash, motivational devices during the training.
Please note that unsportsmanlike, unethical behavior from the competitors or accompanying or visitors, may result in expulsion from the event, in case of a competitor disqualification or in serious case banning from campeteing.

The management maintains the right of the change